BlackBerry Pearl!

An interesting article was just published by the Business Standard that truly shows the global reach that RIM has created with their BlackBerry devices and shows how exactly the technology built into BlackBerry has an affect on daily lives around the world. Be it in the workplace or on the consumer level BlackBerry devices are all around us, possibly more so then ever these days. Here's the first two paragraphs:

Imagine this situation. Girish Ranade (not his real name), a Pune resident, is caught breaking a red light. He takes out his license as asked, and is mentally prepared to shell out the required penalty.

What takes him aback, though, is the fact that traffic policeman tells him that his driving license is being confiscated since he is a habitual offender. Girish contests the claim. Non chalantly, the traffic policeman takes out his BlackBerry and shows Girish a list of his previous offences...

You can jump over to the Business Standard to read the whole story. But there you have it folks, day to day events all around the world are often times changed just by the simple usage of BlackBerry devices. It goes to show that it's not just North America that relies on their devices, we've gone global!