Remember Poynt? Once upon a time, it was everybody's favorite local search app on BlackBerry. Though the company sadly didn't make it in the long haul, a few of the old developers are keeping the spirit alive in a new app called Spotcast. It has a lot of the same stuff you'd come to expect from Poynt - GPS-based search within certain categories of business, plus a smattering of useful related tools, including weather and a tip calculator. The real twist is the social element.

Spotcast users can broadcast tips about businesses (be it a sale, a criticism, or anything in between), and other users can upvote those comments as they please. Think of it kind of like Foursquare tips crossed with Yelp reviews.  

Though there isn't a whole lot to see from the app right now, it's impressive that they've been able to build out the app in a mere 45 days and that they're on BlackBerry 10 first. From my conversation with these guys, it's clear they're very aware of the opportunities to plug into other networks, and based on the way everything is formatted right now, it's easy to imagine Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter being leveraged in short order.

Spotcast went live in BlackBerry World just yesterday, so if you've got a BlackBerry 10 device, check it out. 

More information/download Spotcast for BlackBerry 10