While most BlackBerry 10 users are happy with the native browser there are a few decent alternatives out there are one that has been constantly updated and improved since its launch in mid 2014 is Evolution Browser from ShaoSoft. If you missed our previous coverage and hands-on video you may well be interested to hear that Evo Browser very cleverly removes all those annoying adverts from websites. If ads get on your nerves you'll want to check this one out. There's plenty of other great features too which you can find using the link at the base of this article.

Another update has landed in BlackBerry World today bringing Evo Browser to version, so if you're a fan you'll want to grab this edition as it brings some nice improvements. These are as follows:

  • Parental controls. Gives you the ability to block specific categories of websites such as adult/gambling/social networks etc

  • Ad blocking engine updated, now blocks over 30% faster

  • Multiple bug fixes

  • Quick mode updated with improvements and fixes (launches browser right in the app you are using without launching a separate app)

More information/Download Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10