There's a new browser for BlackBerry 10 in town. Evolution Browser offers some unique features not seen before and on top of those it runs like a dream, is fast and still has the feel of the native browser but with added extras.

One of the main benefits to using the Evolution Browser is that adverts are blocked. In fact, they aren't just blocked - they are not even loaded in the first place which will save you a wee bit of data. Once you launch the application for the first time the homepage will be set to Google. Pulling down from the top bezel will offer you up some settings and you can change the homepage if so desire. You'll also see here a selection of options you can toggle on and off - such as enable ad blocker, enable gestures, lightning browsing, just to name a few. And wait until you try the gestures - they are so awesome!

You may well think that the native BlackBerry 10 browser does a great job anyway, and it does, but give this one a try and you'll see that the experience is just as good - if not better. You still get Reader Mode, Sharing and all the bookmark options so you won't be missing anything from the native one as far as I can see. 

There is also a night mode which sure looks cool - although this was implemented just after I shot the above video. Not only will it be kind on your eyes at night but it's a sure way to save battery life if used all the time.  Evolution Browser will cost you $1.99/£1.50 and since I've been using it I can say it's money well worth spending. And because the app was created by ShaoSoft you can be sure to see further updates coming in the future.

Day Mode

Night Mode

Night vs. Day Modes

I could talk all day about the good stuff that the browser offers but you'll get bored so just check out the huge list of features below:

  • Ad blocking (option)
  • Lightning mode (speeds up loading times) (option)
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Hide address bar when scrolling (option)
  • Gestures (option)
  • Scroll with volume keys, short press for 1 page, long press for top/bottom (option)
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Reader mode which makes pages easier to read
  • Page transitions (option)
  • Change user agent
  • Disable Javascript
  • Backup/Restore settings
  • Multiple tabs
  • Restore tabs on start up from previous session
  • Share (share page via BBM, Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • System integrated, when long pressing on a url in email, BBM etc Evo Browser will show as an option to open in
  • Find on page (search for text on page)
  • Address bar doubles as search bar (various search engines included)
  • Address bar themes
  • Night mode option which darkens websites
  • Privacy mode
  • Auto-fill forms (OS 10.1)
  • Video support (OS 10.1)

Looks pretty good doesn't it? If you give it a shot feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. The developer will happily take your ideas onboard.

More information/Download Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10