Guide Evo through optical illusion puzzles in the fantastic Evo Explores

Looking for a new game to play over the holidays? How about Evo Explores, a new game that recently landed in BlackBerry World? It's perfect to play during a little down time. Evo Explores takes its inspiration from the award-winning Monument Valley, available on iPhone and Android. It's all about manipulating architecture to reveal hidden paths. It makes great use of optical illusions and you feel like you've achieved a great accomplishment when you unfold these illusions. At least I do.

It is your job to guide Evo through the Byte planet. For the first few levels, you do get a little help to get you going and you'll eventually figure out how to manipulate pieces here and there. There are plenty of sections within each level to keep you going for a while. Though it can become addictive and you may find you've spent a couple of hours on it without realizing it.

Evo Explores Levels View

I highly recommend the game if you love puzzles but really it can be picked up and played by anyone. Evo Explores is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and is a free download to boot. You get the first 5 levels free, giving you a bit of a taste for the game. If you love it, you can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase for $1.99. For a great game, that's a worthy price, and Evo Explores is a great game. It runs great on my Passport Silver Edition and I'm currently on level 6 as I write this article.

Evo Explores Level 5

If you want to buy any game today, I implore you to buy Evo Explores. Or at least give it a try, it can't hurt — you're not paying upfront. Though you'll probably end up buying in, because it's just that good.

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