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Rocketbooks are the smart notebooks for those that love the timeless feel of pen to paper writing with the digital connectedness of a tablet.

Streamline note taking and boost productivity by transforming your writing into digital text. The companion Rocketbook app works uniquely with each Rocketbook product so you can make the most of your notes. Exceedingly eco-friendly, Rocketbooks are the last notebooks you'll ever need. This is every Rocketbook model explained.

How does Rocketbook Core work?

Rocketbook Core is a smart notebook that provides a classic pen and paper experience for the digital age. It comes in two sizes: Letter Size (8.5- x 11-inches) or Executive Size (6- x 8.8-inches) and features 32 (Letter) to 36 (Executive) pages with the design of your choice — a dot grid pattern or classic lines. You can choose from 16 colors for a more personal touch.

It includes one Pilot Frixion pen for writing and/or drawing, and one microfiber towel to erase your pages. It's an endlessly reusable, digital spiral notebook, connected to all your favorite cloud services via the free Rocketbook app.

Integrated smart features and the Rocketbook app save, search, and organize your writing — eliminating retyping hassles later.

The Core is the OG Rocketbook and is perfect for students, professionals, and creative individuals who want to be more organized by combining the power of handwritten notes with digital technology.

Smart notebook

Rocketbook Core Render

Rocketbook Core

The OG

The OG Rocketbook smart notebook saves, searches, and organizes your handwritten notes in digital format.

How does Rocketbook Fusion work?

The Rocketbook Fusion is a 60-page, erasable spiral notebook and planner that allows for endless plans, notes, lists, and more. You can design each page to your liking with 11 different styles: graph, lined, dot grid, blank, weekly planner, monthly planner, monthly goals, lists, project management, custom table, and meeting notes.

It comes in one size: Notebook (8.5- by 11-inches) and 15 different colors with one Pilot Frixion pen and one microfiber cloth. When using, allow 15 seconds for ink from a Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry to bond to Rocketbook's specialized polyester composite paper. Then — use the QR code in the bottom corner to save your notes to the Rocketbook app.

Rocketbook Fusion is best for students, professionals, and creatives that want to take their planning digital.

Smart planner

Rocketbook Fusion Render

Rocketbook Fusion

Most versatile

Rocketbook Fusion is the most versatile Rocketbook because you can design each page in 11 different styles.

How does Rocketbook Matrix work?

Rocketbook Matrix comes in one size (8.5- by 11-inches) and offers 32 pages for graphing and diagramming. It features an index page for easy organization, lined page for jotting quick notes, integrated imperial and metric rulers for calculations, and graph pages. It includes one Pilot FriXion pen, one microfiber cloth for erasing, and comes in six different colors.

Designed to handle everything from rocket science to engineering, its versatile graph paper makes diagramming, graphing, and sharing your work a breeze. Use it alongside the Rocketbook app, so you can share your content digitally.

It's best for students, engineers, scientists, or any professional that would benefit from digital graph paper.

Smart graphing

Rocketbook Matrix

Rocketbook Matrix

Digital graph paper

Rocketbook Matrix makes graphing and diagramming digitally easy with graph paper and integrated imperial and metric rulers.

How does Rocketbook Mini work?

Rocketbook Mini comes in 15 colors and is perfect for notes on-the-go. It comes in one size (3.5- by 5.5-inches) and was specifically designed to be the same height as the Pilot FriXion pen it comes with so you can easily slide it in your pocket or purse. It features 48 infinitely reusable pages and comes with a microfiber towel for erasing.

Like all Rocketbooks, it pairs with the Rocketbook app so you can organize, search, and share your work. It's perfect for students, creatives, or professionals that need a pocket-sized notebook for when inspiration strikes.

Smart mini notebook

Rocketbook Mini

Rocketbook Mini

Pocket-sized notes

Rocketbook Mini is the perfect smart notebook for when inspiration strikes on-the-go.

How does Rocketbook Pro work?

Rocketbook Pro is an elevated version of the Rocketbook Core. It features an embedded NFC chip that auto-opens the Rocketbook app to make saving and sharing your work even easier. It comes in two sizes: Letter (8.5- by 11-inches) or Executive (7- by 9-inches) and three different colors. You can choose either a lined or dot grid design for each reusable page. It's got a premium, scratch-resistant hard cover and comes with a Pilot FriXion pen and microfiber cleaning cloth.

You've got the option of upgrading this savvy notebook even further with optional Page Packs that feature Smart Titles, Smart Tags, and magnetic binding (sold separately). As with every Rocketbook, you connect with the free Rocketbook app to save, search, and share your work.

Rocketbook Pro is best for working professionals that want to take their work to the next level.

Smart pro

Rocketbook Pro

Rocketbook Pro

Elevated smart notebook

The Rocketbook Pro is for those that want to take their work to the next level with premium features and even more versatility.

How does Rocketbook Everyday Planner work?

Rocketbook Everyday Planner comes in Letter (8.5- by 11-inches) and Executive (6- by 8.8-inch) sizes, as well as six colors. It features 48 reusable pages with eight different page types and includes weekly, monthly, and yearly planning pages, plus templates for tracking projects, to-dos, and note-taking.

Undated calendar pages adapt to your planning style and reduce planner guilt. It comes with one Pilot FriXion pen and microfiber towel.

It's ideal for all our planners out there who are looking to plan by week, month, and year.

Smart planning

Rocketbook Everyday Planner

Rocketbook Everyday Planner

For all the planners

Rocketbook Everyday Planner features 48 pages with eight different page types to choose from for weekly, monthly, and annual planners.

How does Panda Planner work?

Rocketbook Panda Planner comes in both Letter (8.5- by 11-inch) and Executive (6- by 8.8-inch) sizes, and four different colors. It features 32 pages (Letter) to 36 pages (Executive) of undated monthly, weekly, and daily templates to help you organize your life, as well as goals and motivation templates for building happiness.

Rocketbook teamed up with Panda Planner for this one. A mindful planner to help you find inspiration daily and crush your life goals year after year.

Panda Planner is best for those looking for motivation and inspiration to help them achieve their goals.

Smart mindfulness

Rocketbook Panda Planner

Panda Planner

Motivation and inspiration

A mindful planner for daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration and motivation.

How does Rocketbook Multi Subject Notebook work?

Rocketbook Multi Subject Notebook comes in one size (8.5- by 11-inch) and offers 70 lined pages to write and record anything that comes to mind. The Multi Subject features four adjustable dividers that allow you to create one to five separate sections. There are 5+ smart features on every page for easy digitization when you connect with the Rocketbook app.

You can label, remove, and rearrange the sections however you please for customized organization, or toss them all out and just enjoy a big, fat notebook full of erasable pages.

The Multi Subject is ideal for students, teachers, or professionals that need the ability to section off their notes for different subjects or projects.

Smart categorizing

Rocketbook Multisubject Notebook

Rocketbook Multi Subject Notebook

Multi subject notebook

This multi subject notebook comes wtih four adjustable dividers that allow you to create one to five separate sections.

How does Rocketbook Flip work?

Rocketbook Flip is for all our lefties out there! It comes in two sizes: Letter (8- by 11-inches, 32 pages) and Executive (6- by 8.8-inches, 36 pages) in nine colors. It's got options for lined and dot-grid templates on front and back, or all blank pages for a personalized note-taking experience.

This is Rocketbook's first ambidextrous notebook. It features a top-turn binding, so you can flip your format with a simple turn of a page, or go blank page for endless possibilities.

This one was created with left-handers in mind, but can be enjoyed by lefties and righties alike.

Smart ambidextrous notebook

Rocketbook Flip

Rocketbook Flip

For the lefties

A smart notebook designed for lefties that features a top-turn binding and templates on the front and back of each page.

How does Rocketbook Academic Planner work?

This one is for the super students. Rocketbook Academic Planner features 48 reusable pages that can accommodate 13 different page types. There are templates for tracking projects, schedules, priorities, goals, and more, as well as integrated imperial and metric rulers for quick and easy measuring.

It has pages for daily, weekly, monthly, and six-month planning and includes a Pilot FriXion pen and microfiber cloth for cleaning.

It was designed specifically with college students in mind but would work well for students at any level.

Smart academics

Rocketbook Academic Planner

Rocketbook Academic Planner

Student planner

A smart academic planner designed for the modern college student with 13 different page types.

How does Rocketbook Teacher Planner work?

Rocketbook Teacher Planner is designed for, you guessed it — teachers. It features 48 erasable pages that offer weekly, monthly, and six-month planning. Each page can be customized with eight teacher-designed templates built for managing schedules, lessons, exams, and more!

Like all the Rocketbooks on this list, it comes with a Pilot FriXion pen and microfiber cloth.

This Rocketbook was designed based on feedback from educators. A planner created by teachers for teachers.

Smart teacher

Rocketbook Teacher Planner

Rocketbook Teacher Planner

Teacher planner

A smart teacher planner with eight customizable teacher-designed template options on every page.

What's your Rocketbook?

As you can see, there's a Rocketbook for everyone. Each one of these smart notebooks was designed with a specific demographic in mind and the possiblities are truly endless. Maintain the feel of pen to paper writing and save it in an organized digital format. The Rocketbook app is free and makes it easy to scan, search, and share your work. Plus, you're doing the environment a huge favor and saving countless trees.

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