Evernote for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Not long ago, the team at Evernote posted on their blog that they are working on an update for the PlayBook version of their app. This update is vital for many Evernote users, as it is anticipated that it will fix the bugs that were introduced when the PlayBook OS was updated to 2.0.

Today Evernote team member Karolyn took to their blog once again to let those interested know that they do indeed have a beta build in testing that contains a fix for the text control issue that is currently plaguing the app. They are hoping to have it available in App World as soon as possible, but in the meantime they are looking for beta testers on OS 2.0 as well as the 2.1 developer beta OS. If you're interested in participating and able to sideload .bar files on your PlayBook, you can contact Karolyn directly through the Evernote blog at the link below.

More information and sign up for beta testing

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