Evernote for BlackBerry
I'm super excited that Evernote has just announced a bunch of awesome updates for the BlackBerry app. I just started using Evernote on my BlackBerry, PlayBook and computer, and it's helping me stay organized like never before. This update brings a ton of speed and some super cool new features.

When you launch the app on your BlackBerry, the first thing it's going to do is a Sync, pulling down thumbnails and basic info about your notes (titles, tags, etc). This allows you to browse your note list, even when offline. Since more of the note content will be stored on your device, browsing and opening notes is way faster now.

A feature that was missing all this time is the ability to create notes without a network connection. Now you can do just that, creating new notes with text, audio, and photos. Evernote will pin these to the top of your note list and mark them as pending. Once you are connected to the network again, they will sync to your account like normal. Another part of this, once you create or view a note on your device, it is stored locally, so you may view it again, even offline.

More app enhancements include:
  • Better Sync: Exiting the application during sync will pause the sync. It will pick up where it left off when you return.
  • Attach any file type: Free and Premium users can add any file stored on the device or SD card (as long as it falls under the size restrictions) to a note.
  • Better use of the SD card: Evernote makes better use of the SD card so that you can store more and retrieve things faster.
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