Evernote For BlackBerry Released!!

Here is a great application that has been used on many other platforms and finally is now available on select BlackBerry devices. Evernote allows you to create notes containing text, snapshots, voice recordings, and file attachments. Once created, the new content is automatically sent to the Evernote Service, making it available across all the versions of Evernote that you use. You can also access your existing notes, search by keywords, filter by tags and notebooks, or simply browse.

Evernote is one of those applications that if you are a person that needs to keep track of a lot of different resources, then it is a must have. If you are new to the Evernote service be sure to check out their full line of videos and tutorials on example usage to get a better feel for how Evernote can help you. Currently available for BlackBerry Bold, Storm and 8900 devices through BlackBerry App World, Evernote has stated more devices will be supported soon.