With the BlackBerry 10 SDK's now having gone gold, a lot of developers are running through the code and getting their apps prepared for release. Over at 89 Apps, they've made note of some finer details about the "Remember" app that will be loaded with BlackBerry 10. The app appears to offer system wide integration with Evernote through the PIM API that uses the Notebooks services:

Notebooks let you create, store, and manipulate lists of actionable or non-actionable items. For example, you might create a notebook that represents a grocery list, which contains items to purchase. Or, you could create a notebook consisting of gifts you’d like for your birthday. You can use the Notebook APIs to add, remove, or update items in notebooks, create new notebooks, and so on.

You can essentially create four types of Notebooks:

  • Generic: notebook stored locally on device
  • ActiveSyncMemo: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Memo (note)
  • ActiveSyncTask: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Task (a todo item)
  • Evernote: synced to your Evernote account

That's a nice touch, create a note and then optionally have it sync to Evernote. To add to that a little bit further, if you dig into it a bit deeper you'll find it's all part of the system settings meaning, when you set up the device you can create the relationship alongside your Email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Makes you wonder what else is baked into BlackBerry 10 as a core function that has yet to be revealed.

Source: 89 Apps