Tear down videos are nothing new for smartphones - we've seen most of the newer BlackBerry device models get ripped apart to their bits, but have you wondered what actually is inside those bits? The folks at Kidela.com, a communications company with connections to rare earth miner Stans Energy Corp., produced the above video which gets into some of those details. Check out the video above! In the video they focus on rare earth elements (see wikipedia page) which are the metals actually used in specific components within a BlackBerry. It's pretty science geeky, but also pretty cool to know that it's Europium that makes the color red in the LCD screen (Terbium makes green and is responsible for the backlighting in the phone) or that Yttrium is used in the camera. So the next time your teacher yells at you for snapping photos of your friend on your BlackBerry in chemistry class, just let the teacher know you're doing an experiment with rare earth elements. ;)

Source: Kidela.com