Puppy Love

This is probably one of the biggest fears of the dog-loving BlackBerry owner. Leaving your precious device along during the night, only to have it destroyed by mans best friend. Forums member michaelbrandonw had this happen. Check out the pictures if you think you can handle them. If you have a story of your own, send it to editorial(at)crackberry.com. 

I know these stories can be a little bit of comedic relief and heartbreaking in the same respect, so naturally I felt the need to share.

After a typical NYC Saturday evening, I found myself on the couch waking to the sounds of my Tour's alarm. I didn't remember actually plugging my Berry in the night prior (not sure why), but found it sitting on my bed, detached from it's charger. Not detached as in unplugged, but detached as in, chewed clear through the cord detached. My first reaction was, oh well, time to buy a new charger, but my second reaction came moments later when I picked it up to dismiss the alarm.

No need to elaborate, the pictures speak for themselves.