We know everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for BlackBerry 10 to release, and eyes are peeled hoping to get a glimpse of the new OS. Unfortunately, all we've seen so far are mock-ups and some really early demos shown to developers at conferences such as BlackBerry 10 Jam.

The latest images to pique our interest showed up yesterday and sent people into a frenzy thinking they were seeing a leaked video of what could be BlackBerry OS 10. Upon a bit of examination and research, we learned it's nothing more than a theme for iOS devices. Yes, that's right -- a BlackBerry flavored theme for iPhones.

While it looks pretty sweet, nothing will turn an iPhone into a BlackBerry 10 device, so we'll all just have to keep waiting for the real thing. Let us know in the comments if you install this theme on your jailbroken iOS device, we know a few of you out there have them!

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Source: modmyi Via: BerryReview

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