We all know that roaming outside of our native country can be stupidly expensive, especially when it comes to using data. Luckily, after a long process the European Union has made the decision that from July 1st 2014 there will be no additional costs - praise the lord!

So for us BlackBerry users that fall within the EU - going on holiday within the countries that fall into the EU will not include the extra stress of having a huge mobile bill when we return, following a ruling by the European Commission. The Telegraph reports that the move is intended to encourage a consolidation of Europe's 100+ network operators in favor of fewer, stronger carriers while increasing competition. With roaming fees out of the way, it'd be easier for existing networks to compete and collaborate across borders -- a process which might lead to more mergers between continental operators.

Unfortunately the changes will not effect any BlackBerry users from outside the EU so you are still going to get massive roaming bills, but for us guys inside the EU this is a huge step in the right direction and one that has finally been resolved after many years on the cards.

Source: The Telegraph