eReader For BlackBerry Now Available!

A few days ago Kevin dropped information about a new BlackBerry application called Shortcovers, which essentially allows you to buy, download and read books on the go all from your BlackBerry. Now yesterday, eReader, an application that has been available for Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices for a long time now, has finally been ported over to a BlackBerry version, albeit in beta format. And while eReader has been getting rave reviews (video review here) from jkOnTheRun about how well it functions and how great it is, I found some things that I truly hope they improve upon.

The biggest drawback that I can see from the service is the fact that books cannot actually be purchased from within the application itself, you physically need to open your browser and head to the eReader mobile site, purchase your reading choices and then access them from the application, a major drawback as I see it. But it does have some finer points as well to go along with it, such as being able to access already purchased books from Fictionwise and being able to store said purchases to the media card. All in all a cool application, worth a look if reading on the go is what you like to do. And they scored brownie points with me for offering up White Fang for free! ;)