Comwave ePhone

So besides the amazing Video Chat feature that PlayBook users have, there aren’t many other options available in order to reach out and touch someone. Skype is not officially available for the PlayBook at this time though workarounds do exist. In fact, a response found on their site pointed out that “We currently have no plans for the PlayBook…Hopefully the PlayBook will be a hit for RIM, and if so we will create a version of Skype for the product at that time.” You’ve got to love how vague that is.

Not too long ago, we received an email about Comwave ePhone. Currently in beta, ePhone can make/receive phone calls directly from your PlayBook! They do have a free 3 day trial period; where you can play around with 100 minutes, followed by an annual subscription of $20 if you decide to keep the service. With your subscription you get 250 minutes per month to use to call 57 countries. In the trial period, and with your subscription, you also get:

  • Our own number
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Free ePhone to ePhone voice and video calling

The mic and speakers on the PlayBook are both excellent to use if you are doing a conference call, but you may look like an idiot holding it up to your face to chat one on one. You can also visit to pick up a handy headset or two. You can grab Comwave ePhone from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download ePhone for thr BlackBerry PlayBook