Is there such thing as a bad excuse for a party? Birthday, Anniversary, a new BlackBerry Smartphone launched; these are all good reasons to throw a shindig. Though get togethers happen all year 'round, it seems as though they are bigger and more elaborate around this particular time. Though they are an absolutely fantastic source of fun, family and friends, they can add stress to the slowly increasing hustle and bustle.

Your BlackBerry is to the rescue and it's bringing a legion of applications to support you. Spend less time stressing and more time creating a party that will be talked about for years to come. Have a look at the list of applications after the jump and see if they will help you sharpen your planning prowess.

We're going streaking!

Um...probably not. THe apps should help make for a memorable party, but not THAT memorable.

Shopping Manager

Decorations/supplies, invitations...whew! This application helps you remember what you need, where you can find it and how much they cost. You can keep track of multiple lists and stores. It'll help prevent your party from becoming a fund raiser for your bank account. Shopping Manager is on sale for $7.99 until November 30th.

Wine & Food Guide

When preparing a menu for your guests, one of the most important things you have to decide on is which wine you should have with it. I can honestly admit that I am absolutely clueless in this department, especially when out to dinner. With the wine and food guide, I can match/pair up food with wines almost effortlessly. The application also contains a hefty wine glossary of over 600 words. Wines are also categorized; from dessert wines to red and white wines. Wine & Food Guide is on sale for $2.99 until December 24th.

Food Network Canada Mobile

MMm mmm! The Food Network - my taste buds love it and my waistline hates it. What better way is there to keep company coming over again and again than by stuffing them full of delicious food? If you want delicious and healthy recipes and tips, this application gives you mobile access to Canada's Food Network. You'll receive the recipe of the day and have access to over 10 000 meal ideas. There's even the ability to watch videos on tips, recipes and more. Find a recipe that you like? Don't want to have to write it down? The application allows you to save recipes for easy retrieval from the main menu. Food Network Canada Mobile is available for free.


Feeling a little adventurous? Want to show off your bartending skills (or lack thereof) to your guests? Webtender is a web-based database of taste bud teasing drinks. You can search through recipes and ingredients, even figure out what you can make with whatever is in your liquor cabinet. You can also stock up on your bartending supplies (shakers, flair bottles, blenders, etc). Just remember; do not throw your BlackBerry into the mix. You can access Webtender at from your BlackBerry browser.

Poker Buddy

At some parties, you may see a group of people sitting at a table playing poker. Depending on the party, it may even be strip poker. You may see some of them (well hopefully all of them) with a BlackBerry by their side. If it starts to get heated, hopefully one of them is equipped with this app. Poker Buddy will help you manage your game with a digital clock, as well as being able to track re-buys, add-ons and knockouts by tracking multiple players. Once all is said and done, the players can be emailed the results afterwards. The only thing it can't do is help you with your gambling problem. Then again, your kid didn't need that college fund anyway. Poker Buddy is available for $2.99.

BAC Finder

Always drink responsibly, or make sure you at least have a ride home. Drunk texting is one thing, drunk driving is another. Sometimes you may think you're okay to drive, though that's far from the truth. BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) Finder helps you determine your content. The Blood Alcohol Level can be calculated by using information such as gender, weight, how long you have been drinking and what you had to drink. The application lets you choose from up to 25 different drinks and is fairly quick and accurate. Think of it as BBADD (BlackBerrys Against Drunk Driving). BAC Finder is available for $2.99.

Holiday Music

Nothing spices up any get together like a little music. Ok, well maybe not appropriate at a funeral, but let's move on. If you check your calendar, you'll notice that we're not too far away from the holiday season. It's not for everyone, but an application like Holiday Music might add some cheer to your festivities. Thousands of songs are just a click away, grouped into playlists. I tried to find some similar apps to suit other holidays, but couldn't really find any. Perhaps the developer should look at other religions as well. Holiday Music will cost $4.99 out of your holiday funds.


The Holidays aren't your style? Looking for a broader selection to choose from? BerryTunes brings you over 100 streaming internet radio stations to your BlackBerry's speakers. You can browse through over 20 different categories and listen to podcasts (geek party!). Your MP3 files are also easily transferred via USB. Berrytunes is available for $17.99.

Movies by Flixster

Maybe you decide to have a smaller group over for movie night. Or maybe you're having a pre-movie get together before hitting the theatre. Movies by Flixster, brings you show times and information on the box office hits. Watch high quality trailers, read reviews and even buy movie tickets from! If you're staying in, you can scan through more than 50 000 movies from the DVD catalogue. Will it pop your popcorn? No, but you don't want buttery fingers on your BlackBerry anyway. Movies by Flixster is free.


Sometimes we attend a party that we really didn't want to go to. Your significant other dragged you away from the game you wanted to watch. We've seen the typical hidden earbud or a group of guys huddled around a small portable tv seen on old sitcoms - they were always good for a laugh. One of Viigo's many, many, many features, is access to live sports scores. You won't be able to watch, but at least you can check up on the game without looking distracted. You can even get access to related information, which may help in some conversations. Viigo for BlackBerry is free.

Alright! The party is over!

The night is winding down, folks are saying good bye and you plug in your BlackBerry after a long days work. It deserves a break after helping you plan, organize and manage a great night. The only thing you'll have to remember is to put down your BlackBerry and actually enjoy yourself. Now you better get started, your place isn't going to clean itself! If you use or know of any apps not mentioned here that would make it all a tad easier, please give us a heads up. After all, the holidays should be about giving!

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