Dyson products are the cream of the crop when it comes to home electronics. Their fans, vacuums, and even hairdryers are highly sought after, but few would dream of owning any Dyson device thanks to their hefty price tags. But what if you could get a Dyson device makeover for free? All you have to do is enter this giveaway for the chance to win 3 amazing Dyson products.

The lucky winner of the Ultimate Dyson Bundle Giveaway will receive a V8 Animal Vacuum, a Supersonic Hairdryer, and a Pure Hot + Cool WiFi Enabled Bladeless Fan. The V8 is a powerful, bagless vacuum that deep cleans your floors by sucking allergens and pet dander and expels clean air. Similarly, the Supersonic Hairdryer expels air at low-velocity, while the diffuser keeps your hair frizz-free by simulating natural drying. Finally, the Bladeless Fan expels a constant stream of air that’s purified of airborne particles and gasses thanks to the built-in carbon and HEPA filters.

These Dyson products will make your home and the very air you breathe cleaner while providing a stylish touch. You can win the Ultimate Dyson Bundle Giveaway, a $1,449.97 value, by signing up here.