Enpass is without doubt one of my 'must have apps' on BlackBerry 10. If you've not seen us feature it before it is essentially a password manager, however it offers some amazing features and I certainly wouldn't want to be without it.

There are plenty of apps for saving passwords available to us but there are two main reasons I choose to use Enpass.

First up is the ability to sync Enpass with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box. This ensures your passwords are always backed up somewhere safe.

Secondly is that there are desktop versions available which syncs seamlessly.

If you fancy giving Enpass a try you can download it for free. This now allows you to store 20 passwords (up from 10) and if you like what you see you can purchase the full version for a small price. I paid for it a long time ago and it's been well worth it - even just for pieace of mind.

The most notable changes of Enpass 4.5 for BlackBerry are:


  • Enhanced security using SQLCipher AES-256 bit.
  • Autolock mechanism improved.
  • Quick PIN code unlock added.
  • Items can be shared among Enpass users in non-readable format instead of plain text.


  • Strength indicators added to all passwords.
  • Can now generate pronounceable passwords.
  • Now saves last used password recipe and uses that on next password generation.
  • Keeps history of recently generated passwords.


  • Sync now supports all major clouds (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box).
  • See your cloud account details on sync page.
  • See more precise sync timings as last attempted and actual sync done.
  • Only one cloud can be enabled for sync as we support all cloud on all platforms.


  • Improved Enpass browser with multiple tabs and better autofilling.
  • Enpass browser now runs parallel with main app and supports seamless switching.


  • Default item fields can be deleted.
  • Reorder/hide/remove categories/folders in sidebar.
  • Operational language of Enpass can be changed from settings.


  • Added subtitles in item list for quick glance of username/email/card numbers etc.
  • Subfolder support added.
  • Searching with-in items got better with deep-search.


  • Free version limit is increased to 20 items.

You can check out Enpass 4.5 in action below:

Pretty impressive don't you think? What are you waiting for? Download it now.

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