There isn't a shortage of fun little games in BlackBerry World and while I'm not a big gamer on my BlackBerry device, with the nice big screen on the BlackBerry Z10, it makes gaming quite a pleasure. I'll pick up a few big name games but most of the time I like to check out ones from local developers I get to know.

One game I'm playing quite a bit is Thumbs Madness, a nice little game to give your thumbs a workout. I've written about another thumb game before too but Thumbs Madness deals more with your thumb reflexes and coordination. It's a simple game but pretty well executed. It has been developed by frequent forum member Superfly_FR.

The aim of the game is to tap one of five circles depending on which color appears. Your left thumb must touch the blue color and your right thumb goes for the yellow color. But before any of the five circles light up, you must first place of thumbs in the dock area. This determines whether or not you use the correct thumb. It's pretty neat. You'll know if you're not correctly seated on the dock as a net guard appears over the five target circles. Only when your thumbs are correctly docked that the circles will light up.

As you level up, things get harder, the time given to hit the lit circle becomes shorter and the round lasts longer too. One mistake and it's game over. Progress is saved though. If you close the game, once your resume you continue from the level you left off from. Though there is the ability to reset and start from the beginning.

If you're looking for some thumb action, give Thumbs Madness a go. It's available from BlackBerry World and is free. In a future update I would like to see Scoreloop added too. 

Download Thumbs Madness from BlackBerry World