Engadget App For BlackBerry Now Available

Other then waking up every morning (afternoon?) and hitting CrackBerry looking for my BlackBerry news I always enjoy checking out other technology based sites to see what is going on. One of those sites is of course Engadget, which always has a wide array of information be it the latest laptop, the hottest new TV, camera or whatever else you can imagine that revolves around technology.

Following up their iPhone and webOS launch of the Engadget mobile app, Engadget readers can now download the BlackBerry application as well to stay up to date on all things tech. The application itself allows access to all the Engadget sites be it the base site, Engadget mobile or even Engadget HD. If you have been looking for a better way to keep up to date on all things tech, you'll want to give it a look. Be sure to check compatability requirements before you download as Storm devices are not currently supported and OS 5.0 users may notice minor glitches.