As a BlackBerry user, one vital concern is security when sending emails. Not too long ago, we told you about an application called PGpgp which allows you to exchange encrypted messages with your recipients or decrypt messages addressed to you. It involves creating and storing public and private keys that are not accessible by other application.

The developer dropped a line that there have been some minor improvements and adjustments since the review. The full change log is provided below for your convenience.

Version 1.4.1

  • Possibility to download the public key from the key server (search by name, key id or email)
  • Possibility to sign a text message (without encrypting)
  • Displaying key ID and fingerprint in the KEY DETAILS screen
  • Displaying key ID on the KEY LIST and KEY SELECT screen (useful when we have few keys with this same name/email)
  • There are also some minor performance improvements, for example for the users which store their key password in the memory (after the first use) encryption/signing will be a bit faster.

Version 1.5

  • Encryption for the multiple recipients
  • Private key: import & paste on the LIST screen
  • Private key: upload of the public part to the keyserver
  • Minor UI fix for entering the message (typing/focus issue)
  • Minor fixes related to the key list
  • Additional UI translations: DE, FR

It doesn't hurt to have additional safeguards when sending and receiving emails on your device. PGpgp supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets, is easy to use and is $2.99 to download.

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