From some of the comments I’ve seen, there’s some confusion about encrypting files on the MicroSD Card of your Pearl or 8800. We discussed that it’s possible to encrypt the files on your MicroSD card so that if it should fall into enemy hands, all those late night pictures you took of your pals after a few too many Mai Tais will be protected.

The confusion seems to arise when it’s time to get the files off of the device. To transfer files from your MicroSD card to your computer, you will need to use the Media Manager in the RIM Desktop Manager.
dekstop manager
Launching the Media Manager from the Desktop Manager

The Media Manager provides a simple interface for transferring files from your MicroSD card to your PC. You can see and select which pictures and videos to transfer back and forth. If your files are encrypted on the MicroSD card, they will have a “.rem” extension.
manager 2
Copying Encrypted Files from SDCard to PC

Select the files you want to move and the click the arrow in the middle of the window to send them in either direction. If the file on your encrypted card has a “.rem” extension, it will still have that extension when you copy it over to your computer, even though the file will be decrypted during the transfer. This means that you will have to manually remove the “.rem” from the file name before your computer will recognize the file extension. (Special thanks to Davedwin from the comments on this article for this tip.)

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