Empower SMS Viewer!

One major complaint that comes up with BlackBerry users is the lack of threaded SMS within the OS. Most users want it, and some can live without it (such as myself as I rarely even send text messages any more). Empower SMS is looking to fill that void by offering BlackBerry users a great application that allows you to have threaded SMS and so much more all in one application.

Empower SMS has some great features built into it and after having tested it out myself, I have to say that this is one of the greatest applications I have tested in the past while and for those of you simply cannot live without threaded SMS then you have found the solution. Have a look at that other advanced features as well:

  • Threaded SMS view with Incoming and Outgoing SMS icons.
  • Express better with real graphic Smileys.
  • Customizable graphic backgrounds - use the one given, or choose your own!
  • Turns HTML URLs into colorful web links.
  • Quick compose using SMS Templates and SMS Smileys!
  • Different colors for font, style and headers.
  • Integrates with Quick SMS and SMS Popup apps.
  • Seamless Integration with native SMS application.

If you're not pleased with how the BlackBerry OS handles text messages right now and are tired of waiting for RIM to improve this functionality within the native OS (hopefully support for something similar to this is coming in a new BBM), then Empower's SMS Viewer is an app you should definitely check out. A free trial is available for all devices running operating system version 4.2 or greater, so you can try it before you buy it. SMS Viewer sells for $14.99, which is definitely pricey these days with everybody wanting/expecting apps to sell for less, but is likely well worth it if you're a textaholic as it'll likely be one of the most used apps on your device.

You can use the code CB50off to get a 50% discount that will work on any of the 3 apps (Empower SMS Viewer, Quick SMS and SMS Popups) in the CrackBerry App Store. This will only work from your mobile device at CrackBerryAppStore.com or through the mobile client.

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