If you use your PlayBook for messaging and find yourself emailing the same group of people on a regular basis Email Short Cuts may be right up your street. As the name suggests - the app is designed to allow you to make custom made short cuts for the people you stay in touch with most via email. With the app open you just tap on the contact that you wish to message and within a couple of seconds the email template is on screen and ready for you to start typing. No need to enter the email address as that will already be present as you add that as part of creating the contact.

As you will see from the video you can use any image that is stored on your PlayBook as the contacts picture and the app will also allow you to add a subject or message body - which will be handy if you always email that contact regarding the same thing. There are some default images if you choose not to add a photo of the person but that does't make it as much fun!

The app is perfect for saving time if you email a lot and at $0.99 it won't break the bank. I initially couldn't see the advantage of the app but after using it for a few days it really is quite decent. It gets the thumbs up from me.

Features of the app include:

  • Create up to 21 short cuts
  • Add custom picture for each short cut
  • Optionally fill in email address, subject or message body
  • Turn on and off display contact names
  • Option to use man or women default icon
  • Native BlackBerry® PlayBook application
  • One touch button to compose email

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