For my day job, I tend to be a bit of a pack rat when it comes to emails. I save and archive more than I should though to be honest there are times even the most insignificant message needs to be pulled up at a later point for reference.

While BlackBerry 10 handles this in a slightly different manner, I came upon this convenient utility application that is the backup solution. It archives emails from all of the accounts activated in the hub onto your device or SD Card for future reference without requiring a cloud service. However, the files are transferrable to the cloud or your computer if you so choose. 

After launching the application it scans for your accounts and emails. You may choose to backup emails individually by tapping on them or all accounts at once by selecting the option at the bottom. Again, it offers ability to save directly to device memory or the SD Card. All accounts are placed in their own folder and then sorted by subject. By going into settings, you have the option of backing up either as an EML file (compatible with most email clients including Outlook) or as HTML to open on your device's browser. By tapping on the overflow menu you may open EML files directly through the application itself to view as well.

There are two versions currently available in BlackBerry World. The first is a free limited feature one that limits users to fifty emails, does not allow HTML archiving, and does not offer password protection. For me I prefer the premium version which is $1.99 and presents no limitations on emails or capabilities. When performing multiple backups the information does replace the prior backup. However, I simply created other folders on my SD card to accommodate. 

For anyone who wishes to save their emails this is a no brainer and worth the upgrade to the full version. It provides a sorely missed function as your emails are valuable and should be accessible whenever required. I cannot begin to express how important it is to being able to pull up and read full messages offline whenever I want with no data connection required. 

The developer is responsive to issues and worked hard to bring you this solid application. Whether this is for personal, compliance, or even HR reasons, it creates a lasting file of your records and keeps your information readily available to retrieve at a later point in time. Please note that at this time it does not currently support attachments. Email Archiver is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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