There are many things you can do with your incoming messages. Believe it or not, you can actually respond to them too! How crazy is that?! Seriously though, the native email application lets you do things like file the message or flag it for follow up. That’s just to name a few options. What the Email++ application does is give you additional options all within the actual email. It puts the options within the message for you; right above the message details. The options it has absolutely make sense to have when composing a message. Beyond blocking senders or viewing your own availability, the application includes a message preview/popup option so you can see an incoming message no matter what app you are currently in. Check out what you can do with Email ++:

  • Convert To: Instantly convert emails into Appointments, Meetings, Memos or Tasks.
  • Forward/Reply with Edit: Respond to or forward emails with attachments and yet be able to edit the original message or even remove the original message.
  • Unsend: Avoid send accidents. Unsend your sent emails before going oops!!
  • Set Priority: Set priority of new emails as well as emails that are already in your inbox. A great way to flag messages.
  • Block: Block/filter emails by address or subject (exact or keyword based) with customizable actions such as Move To Junk, Delete and Mark Read.
  • My Availability: Get your availability for a specific day or a week.
  • My Location: Instantly get your GPS/Cell tower coordinates, address and a map url with you on it and include it in your email.
  • Message Preview: Microsoft Outlook like popups no matter on which app you are, with instant action buttons such as Delete, Mark Read and View.
  • Templates: Convert any emails to a template and reuse them over and over again.
  • Each feature is fully customizable to suit your needs via the Email++ Preferences screen.

This app definitely turns you into a power communicator; no switching between apps to check your calendar or location. It’s all right there for you, allowing you to reply quickly and confidently. You can grab Email++ for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World. If you’d like to try before you buy, Email++ offers a 3 day trial period as well.

Contest: We have 40 copies of Email++ to give away! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download Email++ for BlackBerry smartphones