Elecite Themes Now Available For 8900 And Storm!

The good folks over at Elecite have been mad busy as of late pumping out some nice new themes such as Droid and iBerry 3G and the new Windows 7-inspired Inspirat. Aside from making those slick interactive themes for the Storm, they have been digging back in their catalogue to make all their themes available for the 8900 Curve and the Storm.

Now while not all have been updated as of yet, they chosen some their top customer picks and given them the transition treatment so you can now grab Grunge, Ascarii, Scion and Distinct for your Storms and 8900's and of course all previous devices have support as well, but be sure to check to ensure compatability.

Always nice to see when theme developers update their back catalogue of stuff to new devices. There is nothing worse then getting a new device and finding out one of your favorite things about that old device is not compatible with your new one.

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