Elecite Releases Pulse As A Free Trial Theme For Storm Users

A few days back now, Elecite released a new theme just for BlackBerry Storm users called Pulse. This is the first where Elecite has offered it users a premium theme on a free trial basis. Offering free trials for themes is something that, in my opinion a lot of developers should really ought to try. It allows your users the chance to check out exactly how a theme will look and run on their device before laying down the cash to purchase.

In this case, Elecite has reduced some of the functionality in Pulse as some buttons to apps do not work. But overall, users can still get the general feel for the theme and then decide on purchase options from there. While this is just the first theme out the gate using this method, I hope Elecite keeps it up and expands to other devices as well. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think about the free trial option in the comments.