Poser has been around for a few days now and after having checked it out I can surely say it's unique and not just your everyday theme. First off, it's the first theme I have used that is actually interactive and fun to set up. Secondly, this is a premium theme on a very unique level.

Poser allows you to take a pic of Stewie from Family guy and "pose" him how you do so wish. Right from your device you can customize the head, weapons, accessories, outfit and if you want you can even give it a poodle for a pet. The best part is you can choose from five pre-made backgrounds or you can use your own.

In addition to all that fun, Elecite is making a contest out of it as well. All you have to do is download the theme, make your own poser and screen cap it. Once screencapped, email it off to Elecite for your chance to win the cost of theme plus another free theme and be featured in the Poser top 10 hall of fame. Great idea, cool theme. Downside? Only available for Storm devices at this time. However, it is available at the 50% off bonus price.

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