PSB Theme From Elecite!

A hot new theme from Elecite strikes two chords with me mainly because it captures two things I love - video games and BlackBerry. PSB is a Playstation3-based theme which looks great and flows well on all the devices it supports.

PSB is set up in a column structure with 4 icons at the top that when touched on reveal a row of four more icons going downward which allows for 20 icons in total on the main screen of your device. Only the first column is customizable though. Icons are nice and fluid and fit the theme perfectly. The only issue I have with this one is that I would have loved to see the Playstation wave red rather then the blue one, but hey that's just me.

PSB is available for the Bold, Storm and 8900 Curve but in my opinion looks best on the Storm as the screen real estate really shows off the slickness of this theme and as it is a premium theme it will set ya back $6.99.