Elecite- Ace And Halcyon Premium Themes

The theme builders over at Elecite have been taking themes to a whole new level these days. Two themes were released almost side by side a little while ago. 

Ace has a "cover flow" app card design that works beautifully. While the apps are not customizable this way, Elecite has made the most common ones used, the ones that show up as cards. Thats not to say you can't customize the homescreen in any way though, Elecite also made the top half under the customize icon like a launcher, allowing you to input whatever apps you do so wish in that list.

Halcyon, was the next theme release. Including a bottom dock that houses 9 locked and ordered application icons: contacts, messages, calendar, tasks, memo, profiles, browser, facebook and twitter (ubertwitter). As well as a hidden today preview screen and visual effects such as over sized icons for easy navigation.