We have featured a few tilt controlled jumping games over the past couple of months and yet another pretty good one has hit App World this week for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Eggventure sees you control one of six cute characters who you must guide, via jumping, up the screen collecting coins. There are bonuses to pick up along the way such as a magnetic field (which attracts coins), a jetpack and wings to make you fly super fast. Miss one of the platforms though and thats it - back to the start as your eggling will plummet to the ground.

Eggventure will set you back $0.99 and there are some in-app purchases available although I wasn't good enough at the game to get that far! If you fancy killing a few minutes then this game is worth checking out if you like this sort of thing. It isn't the most exciting game in the world but this style of game is loved my many and similar titles on other platforms have had huge succes. 

More information/Download Eggventure for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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