If you are in the UK and lucky enough to be in a EE 4G area you may want to consider one of their new 30 day plans they have just rolled out. With more and more folk shying away from 24 month contracts due to smartphones getting upgraded so soon this may well be a popular option.

Luckily for us BlackBerry addicts both the Z10 and Q10 support LTE, so until the other UK networks release their own 4G services you may want to consider giving EE a try if you haven't done so before. I'm a huge fan of 30 day plans - just as it gives me the freedom to switch carrier if the need arises - although they won't be for everybody.

As usual with EE's 4G plans they are not cheap. You may get unlimited voice calls and SMS but to get a reasonable amount of data you are going to have to pay for it.

The price and data options are as follows:

  • £23 per month for 500MB
  • £28 for 1GB
  • £33 for 3GB
  • £38 for 5GB
  • £43 for 8GB
  • £63 for 20GB

People of the UK - is this still too expensive for 4G data? Sound of in the comments.