If you are in the UK and thinking of either upgrading to the new BlackBerry Z10 or being sensible and jumping over to it from another platform you may well want to consider EE as your network provider. The BlackBerry Z10 is 4G ready on all networks but here in good old Blighty we currently only have one network offering 4G LTE and thats EE.

Coverage is still limited to a selection of cities, although more were added last week, but by the end of 2014 EE promise to have 98% of the country covered.

The EE 4G prices (which can be found below) are certainly not the cheapest but you need to weigh up if it is worth paying a premium for the service. If you use your BlackBerry a lot for media, such as streaming the radio or video then the 4G speeds will really be a big bonus.

Below are the price options for the BlackBerry Z10 from EE. Tempted? Let us know in the comments!

Monthly contract          Upfront device cost - 24 months

£31                                   £199.99
£36                                   £149.99
£41                                   £49.99
£46                                   £29.99
£51                                   £29.99
£56                                   £29.99
£61                                   £29.99

EE do have some 12 month plans too but as usual you don't get as much for your money with those. For all the options and to view all talk plan allowances head on over to