While at BlackBerry 10 Jam I sat down with George, the man behind Education Apps Ltd. George already has a selection of apps available for various platforms including BlackBerry 7 devices, but what I was interested in was checking out what he has to offer for BlackBerry 10.

A wide range of his applications will be in BlackBerry World in the next few weeks for the BlackBerry Z10 but in the meantime he gave us a run through on video of how the the apps will look and perform on the new OS. And they look real good. It's been a long time since I needed to reviese for my school exams and maybe I would have done better if I had apps like this to use!

Potential customers can download the applications for free and view the content that's on offer before committing to downloading it for a small charge.

The teenagers in the UK may well benefit hugely from the apps. Millions of them seem to be rocking a BlackBerry and with the apps costing less than a paper text book I'm sure the kids will prefer to use their new awesome BlackBerry rather than picking up a book.

Once Education Apps go live for BlackBerry 10 we will be sure to let you know. In the meantime you can head on over to their website and view the current selection with the link below.

More information on Education Apps