It's been FOUR years since I've personally attended Mobile World Congress, but I made the voyage this year and am now writing to you from Barcelona, Spain. I'm not alone for the trip. Also joining me from the Mobile Nations team are Daniel Rubino, Phil Nickinson, Alex Dobie, Richard Devine and Andrew Martonik (for info on where to follow us, INCLUDING BBM CHANNELS, click here). And be sure to watch the video above for my official hello and welcome!

While BlackBerry won't have a big booth setup on the tradeshow floor this year, the company still has a lot of people on the ground and we do expect to see some announcements. Tuesday morning (Barcelona local time) BlackBerry is holding a breakfast for select members of the media. I think we can safely expect to see any press releases coming from BlackBerry to cross the wire around that time.

Assuming I have the connectivity I'm planning to live blog it, so be sure to tune in. I also have a handful of meetings scheduled through the week, so I'll be following up with written interviews on those as just as fast as I can. Be sure to visit our MWC hub at for all the posts coming out of the show.

As for what to expect? Well, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out. I definitely think we'll hear a lot about BlackBerry in enterprise, but you know me... my fingers are always crossed for new devices to play with (Z3, anyone?!). 

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