For my From the Editor's Desk post this week, I've prepped a 41 Question Mega BlackBerry survey and I WANT YOU TO TAKE IT! Do it. Do it now!!

Here's the deal. Next week I'm making my annual pilgrimage to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada -- the birthplace and hometown of BlackBerry -- to visit BlackBerry HQ and attend their Annual General Meeting of shareholders. 

In making a trip like this, I really go with the mindset that I'm representing CrackBerry Nation. All. Of. You.

I want to make the trip next week well armed, both with good questions and constructive thoughts and ideas and the responses to this survey will do just that in a way that represents the current state of our community (and no, I probably won't take to the microphone during the AGM itself - I prefer to leave it for other investors in the room who I'm sure will have lots of questions too... as CrackBerry Kevin I have other means to asking our questions).

Following last Friday's earnings announcement and investor call, things have been a little CRAZY around CrackBerry, with the forums and article commentary buzzing even more than usual. Many of you have vented and blown off some steam (especially understandable for the PlayBook owners and BBRY investors out there). Others have expressed concern over various parts of BlackBerry's business actions and progress. Some of you have lost faith. Others have plenty of it left in the tank. Some great things have been said. Some not so great things have been said too.

To me, the only thing to do is Keep Moving and that's what the goal of this survey is. It's broken down into sections and is a mix of multiple choice and open ended questions. I want to bring the collective state of CrackBerry together in one spot, so we more accurately can see where things are at (and yes, we'll share many of the responses as it makes sense to) with an honest look at the challenges, opportunities and ideas on how we best keep pushing ahead.

Ok, that's it for now. Quit reading and take the survey!! THANK YOU!

Take the Mega BlackBerry Survey!