The month of September is finally upon us and while things might be a little bit slow this weekend due to Labor day long weekend, September is the month many of us have been looking forward to and it's going to be rather busy. As we learned back in June during the Q1 2015 Earnings Report, BlackBerry is planning to make a full announcement surrounding the BlackBerry Passport this month and we will be covering everything that goes along with it such as a full review and more!

In fact, where the BlackBerry Passport comes with BlackBerry OS 10.3, we're going to have to go ahead and give that a full on review as well over and above the actual BlackBerry Passport review. A lot has changed in BlackBerry OS 10.3, those who have loaded leaked or developer versions will know what I'm referring to. Where the changes are pretty huge, I don't think anyone would mind a fresh review, right?

I'm pretty excited for the next month and despite the fact a lot of BlackBerry Passport information has leaked out pretty heavily, a lot of the reviews and hands-on have been based on pre-release devices and have come from folks who shall we say, aren't exactly hitting on some of the more technical points that folks interested in buying the device are waiting to see. Plus, nothing beats getting a device in your own hands and forming your own opinions so hopefully, the time from official announcement to availability is short.

Aside from that, I'm thinking BlackBerry will have a few other things to announce as well outside of just the BlackBerry Passport. What could those be? Well, the obvious is BlackBerry Blend and the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 but there just might be a few other things as well this month. Maybe the BlackBerry Z3 LTE? We'll just have to wait and see.

In any case, the month of September is going to be a busy one here at CrackBerry and one I'm looking forward to it all, hopefully you are as well. That's all for now, enjoy the remainder of your weekend everyone!