As you may or may not have noticed, I skipped my From the Editor's Desk last week. For those who were wondering and asked, it was because I was traveling and shortly after my travels I was a little under the weather. No matter though, I'm all good once again after having loaded up on cold meds, drinking entirely too much Nyquil and catching up on some long lost sleep. Perhaps it's a good thing I got sick last week, because the rest of September is going to be busy. Let's take a look at what happened the past few days and what to expect over the remainder of September.

  • BlackBerry Passport - The invites have been sent, the dates have been set and BlackBerry is ready to make the BlackBerry Passport official. We're just 10 days away from finding most of what remains to know about the latest and greatest BlackBerry 10 device and likely a few other things as well such as BlackBerry Blend. Have you entered our BlackBerry Passport contest? If not, get in there. It's all going down on the 24th.

  • Porsche Design P'9983 - Although it has received arguably less fanfare, BlackBerry and Porsche Design have set up and event on Sept. 17th to announce their latest luxury device. We can play the game and pretend we don't know what it is they'll be announcing so, let me just say it's highlight expected to be the Porsche Design P'9983 device.

  • BlackBerry acquires Movirtu - This one seems to of have caught mainstream media by surprise, yet I can't really figure out why. BlackBerry CEO John Chen said his company would continue to acquire companies and invest when and where it saw fit. Still, I'm glad the mainstream media was surprised. It forced them to mention BlackBerry and actually take a look at the acquisition. Just like Secusmart, it was a smart thing to do and it explains why BlackBerry was so coy when it came to answering questions about the possibility of offering dual SIM devices in the future during their last financial report. Be sure to check out the interview with John Sims and Movirtu's CEO Carsten Brinkschulte on the Inside BlackBerry blog.

  • BlackBerry will announce Q2 FY2015 earnings on Sept. 26 - Speaking of financial reports, it's time again for BlackBerry to tell us all how they're doing. They will announce earnings for the second quarter of the 2015 fiscal year on Friday, September 26. The announcement will be made over a conference call for investors as well as via a live webcast at 8 AM ET. There's sure to be some news happening there, so we'll likely put up a live blog for everyone to gather and chat in plus, the usual analysis afterword. With John Chen on the line, it'll be fun either way.

  • BlackBerry Passport has people fired up - The Verge has a poll running asking 'Which new smartphone has you most fired up?' and the BlackBerry Passport has made the list and at this point is totally leading. No doubt most CrackBerry readers have already voted considering it has been posted in the forums since Thursday but if you haven't then go ahead and add your vote. The comments will accuse us of stuffing the box, called us BlackBerry fanboys, and we'll laugh. Good times.

  • BlackBerry Classic photos - Not everyone is interested in the BlackBerry Passport and that's OK. For weeks now, BlackBerry Classic fans have been vocal about letting us know they want to see more of that device instead of the Passport and as I knew would happen, now that the Passport is closer to being official, we're seeing more of the BlackBerry Classic popping up. Several new images have ended up on the internet now and while it doesn't look as though the hardware in the images is final, it's all still pretty cool to see. Expect more soon, just like how the Passport started appearing. It's just the way it all works.

  • BlackBerry Fact Check - I'm tossing this one in here because I totally missed it when it was ACTUALLY posted. I only found it the other day and when I did, I laughed quite hard and could feel a small grin come over my face. "#TBT – A Look Back At Our Future, According To CNN Money"

  • Some other news that's fun - Mobile Nations turned 15 years old last week, born when Visor Central launched on Sept. 9, 1999, Apple invented NFC and BIG phones, Android OEM's have like a billion new Android devices flooding the market soon, and even my Mom is launching a smartwatch in the near future to compete with the Apple Watch.

That's my time for this week, folks. Thank you all for letting me stand on this soapbox. Before I go, I'd like to remind you all of something important and that's this post right. There's still 11 days left on fundraising for Morten and Nicole and they're currently at 41% of their goal. If you can help in any way, please do. If you've helped already, then thank you!

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