Kevin Bench

If I had my way, we'd have a quality page up on the internet about every single topic and question you can imagine that's related to BlackBerry. So when you come to the site or hit up Google (even Bing!) and search for something BlackBerry related, the odds are high that you'll land on that quality page produced by the #1 destination for everything BlackBerry,

That's always been our goal since DAY #1, and it still is to this day. From our February 27th, 2007 press release:

"Our aim is simple," says Kevin Michaluk, CrackBerry's CEO. "We want to establish as the premier resource for anything and everything BlackBerry." Michaluk, and two fellow BlackBerry users, recognized the need for an end-user focused BlackBerry site. "The site is relevant and useful to those who have made the BlackBerry a part of their daily lives -from Wall Street financiers and business executives who use the device for professional use, to teenagers and socialites who use the device to stay connected." 

In reality, it's pretty hard goal to achieve but over the years we have done a pretty good job on getting there. A big part of that is the content we publish through the homepage every single day. The other BIG part of the equation is YOU. Our community. Our CrackBerry community is answering questions via the forums every single day, and inevitably the answers provided today go on to help BlackBerry users for months and even years to come. It's a beautiful thing. CrackBerry is a powerful help resource. And through the surveys we have conducted with our readers over the years, the responses show that most people first encounter while looking for help. 

Knowing this, when something BIG happens in the world of BlackBerry, like a new phone model is released or a new major OS update like BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry 10.2.1 is rolled out, our well-trained instinct is to go OVERBOARD NUTS on the content. And we're unapologetic in that endeavor.

For those who visit CrackBerry's homepage daily, it's easy to think of us as a news and rumor site and forget that's only 20% of what CrackBerry is all about. We're a massive help and how-to resource. We're the #1 store for BlackBerry cases and accessories. We're even a resource for free wallpapers and ringtones for your BlackBerry.

Throughout the year on a daily basis, we are definitely covering a lot of "news" on the homepage - device rumors, new app releases, etc. So when we crank up our help and how to engine for a few weeks following a big BlackBerry release, it can seem a little out of place for a bit. Especially if we got a bit overboard releasing a bunch of how to posts on how to install XXXX popular app on your BlackBerry.

We don't do this haphazardly though. We do it because it works, and it's helping BlackBerry users BIG TIME. Remember, your average person doesn't even know what an "APK" is. They do know that they want Instagram or Candy Crush or Snapchat on their BlackBerry. And our targeted content is exactly what they'll find when they look for it. 

For those of you who have been reading CrackBerry since our early years (wow, we have our 7th birthday coming up on February 27th... we'll need to do up a good contest to celebrate that!) none of this editorial is news. And for those of you who are newer to the site, I hope this gives you a bit better mandate.

Bottomline, I don't expect every post we publish to please everyone. It won't. That's why we publish a lot of stuff, knowing that between all of the different posts we make that we'll have a little something for everyone. We always strive to strike a happy balance, and occassionally we'll tip the scale in one direction or another so we can meet all of our objectives. When this happens, we know we're doing it, and we also know we'll soon bring it back to center. In the meantime, if you come across a post that doesn't appeal to you, good news, just keep scrolling or swiping and it'll be out of sight in less then a second. :)

Kevin Out!