We're almost at the end of September and, as I noted at the end of August, it was a month many of us were looking forward to. For most, it was due to the BlackBerry Passport being launched, but aside from that there were plenty of other nice surprises this month as well and really, the fun has only just begun. Let's take a quick look at what happened this month.

  • Porsche Design P'9983 launch - Many folks were expecting the Porsche Design P'9983 to get announced alongside the BlackBerry Passport but that didn't happen at all. Instead, the new luxury device got its own launch party ahead of the BlackBerry Passport release and it has been rolling out to several countries since then. Although it's not a device for everyone, the Porsche Design P'9983 is a big seller for those who have the money to buy one.

  • BlackBerry Passport launch - Yes, after what seemed to be forever, but really wasn't that long at all, the BlackBerry Passport was launched in events held in Toronto, London, and Dubai with several others following such as Malaysia, Singapore and India set to go on Sept. 29th. Americans will have to wait for AT&T, which has an exclusive deal for now, but for the impatient, at the time of announcement the Passport was made available through ShopBlackBerry and Amazon right away. It has since gone into back-order after 200,000+ units were sold within the first 48 hours of the device being placed on sale. Have you read our full BlackBerry Passport review? You should. Also check out our BlackBerry Passport unboxing and Kevin's Passport review podcast. We'll have another podcast later this week as well.

  • BlackBerry Blend announced - Devices are great but you know what else is great? When software you've been following the progress of for over a year actually becomes reality and finally gets announced. BlackBerry Blend has arrived and it's awesome. Just ask anyone who has used it, they'll tell you it's true. I know, some people are bummed that they can't use it on any device other than the BlackBerry Passport right now, but it's coming. If you saw our closer look at BlackBerry Blend from the Passport launch event, then you should realize by now that BlackBerry Blend isn't just some cool desktop tool. Sure, it is that as well but there's so much more to it and Blend has the potential to be huge in Enterprise. IT Admins will love Blend, it can save them money. For BlackBerry, it can make them money. We have more on Blend coming.

  • BlackBerry announces Q2 FY2015 financial results - The Q2 FY2015 financial results are in and as our own Chris Umiastowski noted, there's convincing evidence the company is back on the road to success. John Chen and his team have been working hard to replace lost revenue with new revenue in the form of BES licenses (BES12 is coming in November), T-support, and BBM-related revenue. As it turns out, it's all working thus far. BlackBerry has $3.1B in cash on hand, they're going to keep on making wise investments, the restructuring is done, and they're once again back to hiring people. BlackBerry is on the right track with Chen in charge.

  • BBM continues to grow - During the previous financial results, BBM was hovering around 85 million monthly active users and as announced by John Chen that number has now grown to around 91 million monthly active users. More importantly, it appears as though BlackBerry has found some really great ways to monetize BBM. BBM Protected is up and running, BBM Money is set for expansion and yes, even BBM Stickers are helping. It's not going to stop there either, there's still BBM Meetings to fully roll out as well.

  • The Classic and other devices - With the Porsche Design P'9983 out there and the BlackBerry Passport launched, it's now on to the BlackBerry Classic, a device many have been waiting for. But wait! That's not it. There's more on the way as well. BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed there are already more Passport-like devices in the pipeline (Of course there are) and on top of that, he also kind of sort of confirmed the existence of some other devices as well. Also, there was mention of a concept being shown off in March. Make no mistake, BlackBerry still has devices in the pipeline.

When you look at the big picture it was a busy month for BlackBerry and this post doesn't even cover everything. As for us here at CrackBerry, we're just getting started as well. The BlackBerry Passport review was the beginning of our coverage of the device as well as BlackBerry OS 10.3 and BlackBerry Blend. As mentioned in my Passport review, we're going to take a further look at 10.3 over the next little while and share all that's great about it with everyone. For now though, I'm rather curious. Have you already picked up your BlackBerry Passport or are you planning to buy one? Sound off in the comments and let me know.