November 4th!

Ok CrackBerry Nation, BlackBerry fans and BlackBerry investors. It's November 4th. It's a day that's been marked on our calendars for weeks. Not for any sort of BlackBerry product launch though which would normally be the kind of date we look forward to around here.

Rather, today is the day we *should* find out a little more about the future of BlackBerry, the company. Will BlackBerry be taken private via the $9/share offer by Fairfax? Has another bidder stepped out to the plate that we will soon learn about? Will something totally unexpected go down? Will nothing happen and things keep truck'n along, status quo? 

We're not sure which way things are going to go, though we are pretty sure that before today ends we will hear *something* from BlackBerry. I don't know what form of communication to expect today. My guess is we'll see a press release cross the wire at some point during the next 10 hours. Maybe there will be a press conference. Maybe interviews will take place. Honestly, I'm not sure.

What I am sure about is that if you keep it locked to CrackBerry, you'll know the second we know. The team is on call until this all shakes out. Once we get word and relay it to the site, we'll fire things up asap for a CrackBerry podcast and live chat so we can talk our way through it. 

Until then, feel free to hangout in the comments, and if you missed this post from last week about what to expect on November 4th, read it!

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