CrackBerry Live!

Hey CrackBerry Nation!! In case you missed me, I am BACK in the office today (was on vacation w/ my better half the past two weeks) and boy oh boy is there a LOT for us to catch up on and talk about.

I was on a beach in Italy w/ spotty data when I saw the press release hit from BlackBerry regarding it would be looking at strategic alternatives for the company... less than ideal timing, but it happens... and the CB team has done a great job covering it in my absence.

As you'd expect, there's been a media frenzy around this topic and the community has been buzzing ever since. I haven't yet caught up on all that's been written out there, and that's OK as I'd rather deliver my initial thoughts to the CrackBerry pure and unpolluted.

I have a lot of editorials to write in the days and weeks ahead, but in the mean time for those who can't wait we're going to fire things up at 3pm ET today for a CrackBerry Hangout. Joining me will be Chris Umiastowski, Adam Zeis, Bla1ze and Simon Sage and we're going to go unload on all of this news, what it means for BlackBerry and more. If you can't tune into the live show, you will be able to watch or listen to the replay as soon as it's over.

Talk soon!