As folks around the world are saying goodbye to 2017 and ushering in 2018, on behalf of us all here at CrackBerry, I just want to say Happy New Year! We hope that you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. If you're taking part in any festivities, be sure to keep it safe!

As the new year always calls for a bit of reflection, I have to say 2017 was a bit of a wild year here at CrackBerry. I won't take up too much of your time with a huge list of the most read articles, but I just wanted to share some personal highlights from 2017.

As I mentioned, this is not an exhaustive list of things that happened in 2017; it's just my personal highlights of the year. I fully invite you all to comment on your favorite event, news, or article in the comments. Taking everything into account, I have to say the CrackBerry Meetups were the best thing to happen in 2017.

In addition to celebrating the 10 Years of CrackBerry, I also celebrated my 10 years at CrackBerry. I've been here helping out, posting articles and interacting with you all for 10 years now and to finally get the chance to meet a lot of you was a personally rewarding experience, and with any luck, I'll get to meet more of you all in 2018.

I think that's enough for now, I didn't want to turn this into a huge post, but again, we hope that you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. To say goodbye to 2017, I've dropped a pretty awesome slideshow video from our meetups for you all to check out. Hit play, check it out and to be super clichè, I'll see you all in 2018!