It's Sunday night. It's been an insanely long and awesome week. I'm a little tipsy from Super Bowl bevvies. I've already done a lot of writing today. So I'm copping out on the writing for this week's From the Editor's Desk and doing it video style.

To be honest, I probably could have went on here for an hour. There's THAT much to talk about between the launch event, the BlackBerry Z10, CrackBerry's upcoming redesign and more. But we'll save that for a full-out podcast this week and a bunch of follow-up editorials. I kept this one to six minutes. Be sure to watch it if you want to hear about my thoughts on BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial.

As for the second coming of CrackBerry, I just want to say BE READY FOR IT. It's been a LONG time since we've had a new hero device for BlackBerry, and we've NEVER had a BRAND NEW phone platform before. Expect to see the site get flooded with awesome content from all areas over the days and weeks and months ahead. We're going to be covering it all. Help and how tos, app and accessory reviews, editorials like crazy. Remember, CrackBerry isn't a tech news site. I hate it when people think of us in that vein. We're a community and a service provider, and we're here to help BlackBerry owners get the absolute most out of their device ownership experience. We. Do. Everything. This is what makes CrackBerry so Great. So get ready for it!

Hope you enjoy the video. Peace!