CrackBerry Jam - Keeps You Moving!

It's been a busy ten days here on CrackBerry covering the AT&T, T-Mobile and VerizonBlackBerry Z10 launches. By the end of it, I was pretty exhausted and managed to pick up a cold, so this weekend I took it easy.

There's no time to be sick as we have another busy week ahead of us with our much-anticipated BBM Stress Test on Monday and NYC CrackBerry Meetup on Thursday!

BBM Stress Test - Monday at Noon Eastern Sharp!

At 12 Noon Eastern on Monday, I'll be posting the PIN and barcode of my BlackBerry Z10 on CrackBerry. All you need to do then is add me! We'll have a live video stream running of the BBM Stress Test, so if you're hardcore you can see what happens on my end as it happens. We'll get the live stream running by 11:45am, so feel free to show up a few minutes early and get ready for it. Then at noon sharp I'll post my PIN and the craziness begins!

Full Details / More Info on the BBM Stress Test 

NYC CrackBerry Meetup This Thursday!

CrackBerry Meetup!

Talk about an amazing response! I posted about our NYC CrackBerry Meetup on Friday afternoon, and just a few hours later we already hit our max capacity. A couple of points here:

If you RSVP'd but cannot make it, please cancel your RSVP: Due to the high demand for tickets, if you have already RSVP'd but for any reason cannot make it on Thursday, please cancel your RSVP. This will open up space for others to attend who would love to be there. Thanks for this. And for everybody who is RSVP'd and attending - we'll see on Thursday. I predict an awesome good time!

If you want to attend but didn't RSVP in time: Keep checking back to our CrackBerry Meetup Eventbrite page. If anybody cancels their RSVP, space will open for more tickets, so if you're quick you can snatch one up. 

ALSO NOTE - Once the "official meetup" event ends at 10pm, the CrackBerry team will keep hanging out at 1 Oak for quite a while longer. So even if you can't get in for the main show but want to swing by a little later, you're totally welcome to come on down and hang with us. We'll be there. And if we have capacity during the event, we'll do our best to get you in early.

More Info / Details on the NYC CrackBerry Meetup

ShopCrackBerry Sale Ends Monday Night at Midnight PST

Easter Sale!

Our Easter sale ends Monday night at midnight PST. If you just bought a new Z10, you'll be wanting to hit up the store asap to take advantage of the savings. Use coupon code "hop13" to save 15% on ALL BlackBerry accessories!

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And more to come!

We have a lot of GREAT content planned for the days and weeks ahead. As always, you'll want to keep it locked to