The Final Countdown is ON! Our CrackBerry Coverage heads to Barcelona, Spain this week for Mobile World Congress and most importantly, BlackBerry Mobile's official unveiling of the "BlackBerry Mercury".

We know a lot about this new Android-powered BlackBerry, but there are still a few remaining secrets to be learned and a few big questions that by this time next week we should hopefully have answers to. When will it go on sale? What will it cost? And while "Mercury" has been a pretty epic codename, what will the actual name of the phone be when it hits the market? [Please, Please, Please call it anything but DTEK70]

While we've already seen a few hands-on first looks of the Mercury from earlier this year at CES 2017 (I'll re-embed MrMobile's here for your viewing pleasure), this will be our first chance to really play with the Mercury and see how it stacks up to BlackBerry phones before it.

I've already packed my bag and it's full of old BB's so we can see how the Merc's sizes up for real (no mockups needed) against previous BlackDroid, BB10 and BBOS PKB-toting phones like the Priv, Passport, Classic and Bold 9900. Speaking of old BB's, if you follow CrackBerry on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed this awesome video we posted this past week looking at the road of BlackBerry's that brought us to the Mercury:

I love that little video -- it's such a trip down memory lane. I also feel like it's a passing of the torch as well, marking the transition from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Mobile as the driving force of BlackBerry hardware moving forward.

This Saturday's BlackBerry Mobile Press Event is set to be the biggest event for BlackBerry since the 2013's BlackBerry 10 launch. Here's to hoping it all goes smooth for BBMobile!

More Crackiness

  • BlackBerry Mobile has a website: Speaking of BlackBerry Mobile, they have now launched their own website. It's at

  • Livestream for the BlackBerry Mercury Press Event: I'll be dropping a more official announcement about this separately, but YES, don't worry... if you're not in Barcelona you WILL be able to watch a CrackBerry-powered livestream of the press event.

  • CrackBerry Anniversary Podcast 002: Has been recorded! We recorded this one on video. You can't fit 10 Years of CrackBerry history into an hour though, so I have a feeling these anniversary podcasts are going to continue for a while! Watch it Here.

  • CrackBerry Meetup in Barcelona: Everything is set and I'm really looking forward to our CrackBerry Meetup in Barcelona this Friday. We're going to have a great crew of people out for it, including locals and many guests in from out of town. Our own Michelle Haag even put together some fun props that will make for awesome photos at the event!

Talk to you from Barcelona!

Alright. That's it for this one! The final countdown is ON! My next Editor's Desk post will be coming at you in a week from Spain. SO MUCH is going to happen between now and then, so keep it LOCKED to CrackBerry so you don't miss a beat.

Kevin Out!