Edit your audio tags with ID3IOT for BlackBerry 10

There was a time when I would regularly check my music audio ID3 tags were labelled correctly. It pained me if they were not sorted. Somehow this habit slowly disappeared. I guess since I started to stream my music via the various services available, there wasn't really any point. However, an app recommendation arrived in my inbox and I thought I would try it out -- ID3IOT. The simply description of the app says it all, it's an app that lets you clean up your audio tags.

Upon loading the app it will scan your music folder for any albums or tracks with missing information or album art. The search is based upon the information that the Music app uses to display and group your music library. Once it has scanned your collection you just tap the track you want to edit the audio tags for and then just fill in the relevant information. There is also a search function, so if you have a big library or know the exact file you want to edit then you can just search for it. What's great is the ability to select more than one file to edit. So, if it was album details you needed to add you can go ahead and do this in bulk. Though you will need the pro version in order to do this.

ID3IOT tag edit  ID3IOT updating tags

Another neat feature is that you have the option to edit from the File Manager. If you see that a file needs editing just use the native Share option and choose ID3IOT from the list. When you're in the edit page you'll find a Play icon on the bottom which let's you play the song, just in case you want to hear it to verify things. Another small little touch. 

I'm glad such an app got my attention. I've been cleaning up the ID3 tags on my music files sitting on my microSD card and seeing a bit of order when playing music from the native Music app. I'm also completing everything by adding album art. When you add album art it prompts you to choose to do a search or use a local file. The first I tried I used the search thinking that it would search a database of some sort for the album art but instead it just opened my browser and pointed to a web search. A bit long-winded but it was something I had done prior anyway. Though being able to just automatically fetch the album art would be a great feature to have.

ID3IOT album art

Another thing that could be improved is the in-app purchase. When you download the app it does say that there is an in-app purchase available. As I mentioned above, you need the pro version in order to edit in bulk. This is stated in the description too. It was a feature I knew I was going to want to use, so when I downloaded the app, the first thing I looked for was to purchase the upgrade. I couldn't find the option anywhere. So, I thought I would just go ahead and try to edit in bulk. It let me do it without any prompt, so I edited the details I needed and then hit Save and bam there's my prompt to upgrade to a pro version to use the feature. I knew a prompt to upgrade would come but I would have preferred if this prompt showed up earlier, perhaps as soon as you select multiple files to edit. Or just include to option to upgrade there within the app. It would make this simpler, at least it would for me. Nonetheless, that is the process. The good thing is that once you have made the upgrade purchase it continues where you left off, so you don't have to type out those edits again.

ID3IOT in-app purchase

The Good

  • Easily edit/add audio tags
  • Add album art
  • Bulk edit files (pro version only)

The Bad

  • Could make the in-app purchase option easier to find
  • Can't search a database for album art
The bottomline

If you want to be able to edit and clean up your audio tags, ID3IOT is an app to check out. It has simple interface and gets the job done. No fuss or fluff and I really love the ability to bulk edit files. It makes it easy when it comes to albums details. I'd gladly pay for the upgrade.

It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free download. The pro version costs $0.99, which isn't much either.

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