There are lots of photo editing apps to be found in BlackBerry World. We've looked at a few here on already. The latest one I've come across combines a few features of individual apps while adding extra options. Instead of having an app that just allows you to create sketches and doodles and having another app for photo editing. Snap2Share combines both into one app. Follow on as we take an in-depth look at the app.

I must admit when I saw the name Snap2Share, I didn't think it was a photo editing app. I thought it was some quick way to share photos with others, not that it's cumbersome on BlackBerry 10

When you first open the app you have a choice of watching a video demos the different features of Snap2Share or you can just open an image to start editing. I would like an option to just create a sketch but you can just click anywhere else on the screen and it brings up a blank page for you to start sketching on.

Snap2Share Pen style

There's plenty of tools, pens and effects to choose from and lots of controls to figure out. Along the bottom there are three options. The first icon (with a squiggle) is the type of style you want to apply - Motion Blur, Blur, Pixelate, Point Out and Over, as well as Erase. Over just means you're the drawing writes on top of everything. Point out is similar but has automatically got a transparency effect on it. It is meant for highlight text you've taken from a screenshot or highlighting something within a photo. The second icon is the move option. If you want to move the photo you are working for better access when drawing or editing on it this is help. Third icon is for the type of pen you want to use. There are plenty of options to be found here from brush, feather, curvy, as well as the good on pen. There are other options too such as rectangle, line, arrow, ellipse and text. With the Text, there are app fonts to choose from or you can choose from system fonts. You also have Stamp , Overlay and Lens options. Stamp is just like adding stickers to a photo. Overlay lets you add another photo on top (think watermark) and Lens adds a distorted effect on your photos.

Snap2Share Pen effects

Along the top there are another three options. The first icon is for choosing the pen thickness. Just tap it and a slider appears. Adjust the slider as you like. You can tap the icon again to hide the slider, otherwise you can leave it there is doesn't obstruct your work much, if at all. The second icon is a spanner icon and brings up the same options (pen type) as the third icon along the bottom does -- a bit redundant. The third icon is your color options. Tap it and you can choose from a standard set of colors, however, there is the option to add more colors of your choice, just tap the plus icon to bring up a color picker. In the color section there is also a Transparency slider that you can use.

In the bottom corner you have the overflow menu (three dots) where you can save, share, open a new photo, start anew or edit the photo using the native photo editor. 

Snap2Share came seem overwhelming at first with all these options but it has good features and functions for you to use. I've been using it more and more to add quick edits to photos, especially screenshots, to highlight things or even blur things out.

The Good

  • Combines a sketch editor and photo editor in one
  • Lots of tools to choose from

The Bad

  • A redundant icon
  • Options could be better laid out
The bottom line

While everything may seem overwhelming complicated to begin with, once you know you're way around the controls, you can quickly create your sketches or edit those photos to your liking. It's nice that it combines both a photo editor and sketchbook in one, it means that you can open up existing sketches and add to them. The headless element has proven useful for me. Sometimes it can be a bother as I don't want to edit anything I just want to take a screenshot but it does come in handy to quickly blur out something before sharing screenshots. It's free to download and try out, so you won't lost out in doing so. If you want to take it a step further and save your edits, purchasing the app costs $1.99. Snap2Share is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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